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As an advocate and user of alternative health care, I’m posting this alert from Sandra J. Florio, C.N.P. Holistic Nutritional Practitioner and Personal Fitness Trainer.

We may be on the cusp of loosing our health choice freedom.

From Sandra: On April 30, 2007 the FDA will close the public comment period on “Guidance” which will classify every alternative practice as medicine so that only licensed physicians can carry out the procedure AND vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc., will suddenly become “untested drugs” which will be forbidden.

Note From Sue: Are you taking anything vitamin, mineral or herb like for your menopausal relief? Imagine these becoming illegal!

The goal is simple: through a “Guidance” about the regulation of “CAM” (which they conveniently define as “Complementary and Alternative MEDICINE” the FDA hopes to serve the interests of Big Pharma by eliminating all CAM practices and products.

ALL of them.

Here’s how this deadly game is played:

1. By using the term “Medicine” rather than “Modality” for CAM practices, the FDA sets the stage so that anyone who is not a licensed physician is breaking the law by using these modalities since they are therefore ‘practicing medicine without a license’.

2. By using the term “treatment” rather than “therapy”, the FDA limits those who can perform these practices to licensed physicians and, again, anyone who is not a licensed physician is breaking the law by using these modalities since only licensed practitioners can treat. So people using these modalities are therefore ‘practicing medicine without a license’.

3. By using the terms “Medicine” and “treatment” instead of “Modalities” and “therapy”, all substances, including vitamins, minerals, herbs, co-factors, etc., automatically become untested drugs since they are being used to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure disease states. Such use can only legally take place with FDA approved drugs.

Here’s How We Protect CAM Practices, Practitioners and Products

Numbers. Sheer volume of response. Nothing more and nothing less. NOW is the time to act. Our window of opportunity slams shut on April 30, 2007.

This is the link which allows you to send a comment directly to the FDA about their deadly “Guidance”.

Will it matter? Yes, if millions of people respond. So I am asking you to take this “viral”.

Note From Sue: Bloggers - Start your engines!Here is what you need to do NOW if you value your health choice freedom:

1. Click on this link and add your name to the letter. When you click “Send” it will be electronically delivered to the FDA docket site and posted.

2. Blog this!

3. Get further information at the Natural Solutions Foundation website

The Goal - 5,000,000

That’s our goal. Two weeks, five million comments to the FDA, all asserting our fundamental right to control our own health.

Pass it on - quickly - time is ticking!


Thanks Sandra.

Sue Richards

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